Twelve artistic Museums and Museum Projects

22 Nov – 23 Mar 2008

This exhibition is dedicated to artistic museum projects, which reflect the museum in a critical, ironic, pensive or joyful way.

Works by Mohamad-Said Baalbaki (“Al Burak”), Xinyu Bai (“Das Glücksmuseum”), Anne Hölck (“Tigerkäfig”), J&K (“The Babylon Case – a Time Capsule for our Civilisation”), Zoltan Kunckel (“Simon-Bolivar-Museum”), Anne Kunz (“Der Floh – ein kulturgeschichtliches Museum”), Anja Edelmann (“Das Museum der Gefühle”), Barbara Müller (“Archiv einer Brache”), Museum der Unerhörten Dinge, Museum  of American Art (“Museum of Modern Art”), Kerstin Schrems (“Einzelausstellung”) and Uli Westphal (“Elephas Anthropogenus”) will be shown.

The idea of the “Museumsbauhütte” goes back to the medieval cathedral workshop, which combined workshop, planning office and teaching. This form of work organisation will be used for further development of existing and building of new museums and create a place this way where scientific, artistic and technological knowledge is being integrated. While working pragmatically as well as epistemologically, this workshop will investigate and reflect the social role of museums in media society. Furthermore, new museum ideas and new forms of mediation will be developed and tested here.



Michael Fehr