about the blinding by things

1 Jun – 1 Jun 2011

We are obviously in a permanent competition of vanity: More potent, more intelligent, more beautiful, smarter… Independently from age, gender, provenance or education “blinding” seems to be an essential need claiming an enormous quantity of attention and energy. This becomes obvious in all kinds of things we assemble around us – such as unbashed luxury objects as well as everyday products.

In the guest project WOW students of design at the Fachhochschule Potsdam present the results of their detailed research about the subject of “blinding”. They try to visualise the different “blinding qualities” and show various aspects of product culture: things that were primarily created to impress others, to show off or to deceive.
Creating things to blind others includes highly commercial interests including plagiarism – a very special form of a double blinding strategy. By investigating the contemporary attempts to attract consumers the exhibition takes a closer look at how we see ourselves and others in relation to aspects like prestige, power and the creation of images.

A project developed by “Institut für Formforschung” – Cooperation of FH Potsdam/FB Design and Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge.