Box of Odds and Ends

We all have them: odds and ends, doodads, stuff.

Innumerable, insignificant, objectively worthless; sometimes even broken or just part of something else. Random collections of mostly small things of various shapes and purposes. What do they have in common? They could be useful someday!
They are stored in tins, drawers, jars, or – the classic – cigar boxes. There the grub screw, the piece of wire, the grommet wait patiently for their cue, and many of them wait in vain. If we could only remember where the box of odds and ends is! But when we find just the thing we need, we’re ecstatic. A perfect fit!
We are currently looking for your own box of odds and ends for our special exhibition “ORGANIZING THINGS”, where they are on display in a special showcase. Some have already found their way to us. You can leave your box to the museum or pick it up again after the exhibition is over.