Classroom Chair

By order of the Deutscher Werkbund and the Department of Fine Arts of the magistrate , “6 Berlin professors” developed new, cost-efficient types of furniture for future serial production.

Within the framework of the first German Industrial Exhibition, which opens its doors at the Berlin exhibition grounds in 1950, they were presented to the public for the first time. Among other things, Eduard Ludwig designed school desks and chairs and commented on them as follows:

“Using single tables and chairs for pupils not only enriches the possibilities how to arrange the school furniture and room layout during class, but is also supposed to help the children develop their personality and self-assurance.” As opposed to the commonly used school benches, these single and double desks allow for a looser, more freely designed education. For psychological reasons, we chose green varnish for the coating, reminiscent of the green of the woods which is soothing and contemplative. Exchangeable legs of the chairs and tables in different lengths have led to a price reduction in the manufacturing process. As agreed, different lengths appropriate for four age groups have been developed in coordination with the school physician.”

This School chair designed by Eduard Ludwig is on display as part of the chapter “berlin plant” within the special exhibition gern modern? Living concepts for Berlin after 1945 which runs until Monday, June 26, 2017.