Exhibition Catalogue of “Berlin plant. Erster Bericht”

Berlin during summer, 70 years ago: on August 22, 1946, the exhibition “Berlin plant. Erster Bericht” (Berlin plans. First Report) opened at the “white hall” of the Berlin Stadtschloss.

About one year after the war had ended, a team of planners around Hans Scharoun put their visions up for discussion on how to rebuild the destroyed city.  “How will we live?” was the question of the hour. Until September 30, 18,757 Berliners had seen the exhibition (12,849 of whom bought this slim catalogue for 0,50 DM).

The thing of the month August gives a taste of our participatory exhibition project “gern modern? Living Concepts for Berlin after 1945” in the first half of 2017: its focus will be on concepts developed and put into practice by members of the Deutscher Werkbund after 1945. Concepts for a new start in the material and non-material realm. At the same time, gern modern? asks about the timeliness of this historic topic.