Up until 1 October 2018, the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge is presenting the special exhibition “Eroticism of Things – Collections on the history of sexuality.”

The ‘Schupp-Fix’ (Schuppen = fishscales), our Thing of the Month September, can be seen in this exhibition alongside everyday objects such as clothes pegs, hemp ropes or a pastry scraper in the showcase ‘Tools of Lust’. The aptly named fish scaler, made of aluminium from unknown production in Germany around 1900, is marked with the D.R.G.M. trademark.

Harmless kitchen devices can, however, turn into erotic tools in the context of amorous situations and erotic acts. Whether real or imaginary, the practices can be closely related to the original function of the object or allow it to recede completely into the background. An erotic effect results from the relationship between a person and a thing, which can develop in the most everyday situations. The thing is used ‚inappropriately’ for a certain moment or in a certain situation and will be charged with erotic energy.