Yellow Ring with Burls

Our thing of the month August is a yellow rubber ring.

It is approximately 15cm in diameter and 5cm in depth. It has burls, alternating in rows of twos and threes, which spread from its centre like rays. The ring is from Istanbul. And that is about all we know about it.

That is why we are asking you: How might it have been used? What does the object remind you of? What is interesting or peculiar about it? Why is it yellow? Have you seen something similar in use somewhere else? Do you know the purpose of this strange ring, or do you have more questions than answers about it, just like we do?

In the new special exhibition “Cabinet of the Unknown”, about 70 puzzling things are on display. They have been selected by the museum team and institutions from the museum’s neighbourhood in Oranienstrasse. All visitors of the exhibition can expand the object index with their own ideas – there is no such thing as a wrong answer! If you want to fill in a card about our thing of the month August – it can be found filed under the number 48.