Young Collectors

A Student Exhibition

16 Jul – 31 Aug 2015

Product design assistants in training at the Marcel Breuer School exhibit their presentation and advertising strategies in more than 50 of their own collections.

What do children and teenagers collect? Cameras and perfume bottles, cola and Nivea tins, cigarette packets, Lego figures, Kinder eggs and Pokémons, ash trays, things made of wood and other materials, red things, black and polka-dot things, buttons, dice, tin boxes … How do you make a personal curio cabinet into a publicly perceived collection?

The exhibition is the culmination of this year’s participatory project in cooperation with the Marcel Breuer School, a secondary school specializing in woodworking, glassworking and design. The project is supported by the Berlin Cultural Education Projects Fund. A year five class at the Walter Gropius primary school was also included in the project. For a year, three first and second-year trainee classes researched collecting and exhibiting together with the primary school children.

They also created satellite presentations on the “Young Collectors” exhibition at the Marcel Breuer School and the Walter Gropius School.

Project management

  • Nicola von Albrecht (Museum)
  • Andrea Leue (Schule)

cooperation with

  • Walter-Gropius-Schule (verantwortlich Katharina Stahlhoven)
  • marcel-breuer-schule